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A problem with: “I think therefore I am.”

René Descartes, sometimes referred to as the father of modern philosophy, summed up his famous views on how mind and body are separate in his book Discourse on the Method, published in 1637.  In it, he explained the reasoning behind his seminal dictum ‘I think therefore I am’: "From this I knew I was a substance whose whole essence or nature is solely to think, and which does not require any place, or depend on any material thing, in order to exist.


Posted on: Aug 1, 2015

Mindfulness and Self Awareness Workshop – Perth, 3 September 2015

How mindfulness can help you cultivate greater emotional intelligence; self-awareness, confidence and more authentic relationships Description: According to Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”) is twice as important as IQ and technical competence in success at work.  Research shows that 90% of high performers have well developed EQ.


Posted on: Jul 29, 2015

Read the first chapter of Enlightenment to Go here!

  I wrote 'Enlightenment to Go' to help share the wisdom of Shantideva, an amazing Buddhist sage who composed the world's first self-help book, back in the eighth century.


Posted on: Jul 25, 2015

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