Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate

Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate

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David Michie
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What is the business case for meditation?

  In the words of Clare Goodman, my business partner at Organisational Mindfulness most of us aren’t employed for our good looks.  We’re employed for our minds.  But how many of us consciously seek out ways to optimise our most important asset?  (For more about OM see: www.organisationalmindfulness.com) Seems pretty obvious when it’s put that way.  And organisations around the world are increasingly recognising the value of this.  If employees at all levels are highly capable of managing stress, if they benefit from above-average levels of clarity, focus and emotional resilience, if they are ultra-productive and innovative at the same time as being able to leave their egos at the door every morning, how much more effective will organisations be? I have summarised some of the physical and psychological benefits of meditation to individuals in previous blogs.


Posted on: Aug 13, 2014

You are invited on a Mindful Safari to Africa

I am thrilled to be leading a Mindful Safari to South Africa in August 2015. Combining a warm introduction to the amazing wildlife and unforgettable vistas of Africa, with a gentle, but transformational approach to mindfulness, the safari is suitable both for newcomers as well as seasoned meditators.


Posted on: Aug 5, 2014

The 12 psychological benefits of meditation

When I recently  I blogged about some of the main physical benefits of meditation, I made the point that categorising benefits as ‘physical’ or ‘psychological’ is somewhat artificial.  Reducing high blood pressure through meditation may seem a measurable and physiological benefit, but it only happens because of the psychological change that precedes it.


Posted on: Aug 2, 2014

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